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Many of us have someone that we immediately reach out to when we have a complex problem to solve. For my husband and I, that person is Gib Stewart. Infectious enthusiasm, non-judgmental approach, and immense creativity come to mind when describing his way of attacking problems. Thankfully, we have known Gib for over three decades, and have reached out countless times and were always surprised by his original approach and spirit of willingness to help. Without hesitation, we recommend him to anyone who is in need of help finding a clear path towards a desired goal.

Denise L.

I would share that Gib’s general business, real estate, tax, and financial acumen is solid, and he understands the banker’s “Five C’s of Credit” better than anyone I’ve worked with. He exemplifies the most important ‘C’ (character) desired of anyone you’d want to do business with.

Chris Y.

Roland Stewart has had and continues to have a tremendous impact on my life, both in business and personally. He has provided me with opportunities I never thought were possible. He is a very savvy businessman with a wealth of knowledge. He is truly an individual that cares, and will always come up with a solution for whatever the obstacle. If given the chance to work with him, I would recommend that you jump at the opportunity!

Adam D.

One of my great life’s associations can be found in my relationship with Roland “Gib” Stewart. Trust, dependability, sensibility, vision, initiative, positive can do attitude, and a sense of humor are all part of what Napoleon Hill describes as an attractive personality essential to achieving success. Gib reflects all of these attributes in his dealings with others, and it is the reason I choose to be on his team. His energy and drive overcome all obstacles placed in his path. It all adds up to a recipe for success and his record speaks for itself.

John C.

I have been quite successful monetarily and a good amount of that success is because I have been fortunate to have Gib Stewart on my side. Gib and I have worked together on projects for nearly 30 years. With his business expertise, we have completed projects I could never have done on my own.

Lorin R.

Gib was a shining light for me at one of the most difficult times in my career. Gib not only put me in a perfect space but was with me all the way. If you need someone to be your advocate, be on your team, there is no one better than Gib (Roland) Stewart. He is kind, compassionate and has amazing business savvy. If you get lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Gib – grab it. You won’t regret it!

Paul T.

In 2021, Gib helped me go from being an independent hair stylist, to salon owner. The guidance, business coaching helped making my dreams a reality. The continued support and mentoring have been more than I could hoped for.

Natasha P.

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