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What you get from Vantage Point Franchise Consultants is quality guidance toward solid franchise opportunities that help people actualize their dreams and live life on their terms.


Vantage Point’s founder, Gib Stewart, grew up in rental housing in most of the major cities on the west coast. After high school, he attended university in northwest Oregon, where he played basketball, ran track, and majored in economics. Afterward, seizing the opportunity at a second chance, he enlisted in the army.


Following his military service, he floundered. While he tried to start several businesses, nothing gained traction. Finally, almost in desperation, he went to the Oregon Employment Services office and inquired about testing he had been told would be available to him after he left the military. His test results revealed he should be helping people. Within a couple of weeks, the Oregon Employment Service hired Gib to help people find jobs.


Once hired, Gib flourished. The economy was just starting to improve, and droves of people sought work. Gib and his boss devised a system for prepping people for job interviews, getting them to an interview, debriefing them, and then getting them out again to get hired. Eventually, their team led the state system in job placements.


At one point, the team of seven helped 367 people get hired during a single month. Gib was then transferred to Salem, and received a number of good promotions. While Gib had found success in his day job he was continuing to work towards his own goals which led to a half-time position for the last eight years of his state service

He had first tried to invest in the early 70s. His entry into the stock market was promising, but it ended dramatically when he lost all the early stock market gains and many years of savings overnight. In 1977, with inflation running rampant throughout the country, Gib decided to try investing again. This time, for more control, he invested in residential real estate. Five years later, he started a property management company to manage his holdings.


Gib retired from the State of Oregon at age fifty. A few months later, a long-time friend asked for help finding space for his rapidly expanding dental business. The two eventually decided to develop an office building. Gib was to be the developer. However, Gib only agreed to try if the two had a contingency plan in the event of failure.


The building ended up being a two-story, 13,970 square foot brick structure. It was, and still is, a tremendous success, and an auspicious start. Consequently, other dentists asked Gib to develop buildings for them. In all, Gib developed seven dental/medical office buildings, totaling almost 150,000 square feet. Rather than sell the entire buildings to the dentists, Gib and his family retained investment interest, and Gib’s company managed the buildings. Twenty years later, Gib started handing over the reins of his two largest businesses to his oldest daughter while he assumed more of a consulting role.


Shortly before his 70th birthday, Gib met with a young man who, for five years, had been asking to bid on HVAC services for Gib's commercial buildings. Gib finally agreed to meet with him because the person who had handled his HVAC services for many years had announced his retirement. At the end of the meeting, Gib asked the young man what he wanted to do with his life. His answer was, “I am already, year after year, one of the best salespeople in the city, but what I want to do is to own my own HVAC Company." Next question, “What’s holding you back?” The young man, David, answered, “No one has any money to facilitate my getting started.”


Gib offered to provide the funds, and five months later, the two purchased an HVAC company in Oregon. As it currently stands, due to David’s hard work and periodic cash infusions from Gib, the small HVAC company is now four times what it was when purchased. Since purchasing this small company, Gib has purchased two franchises, one of which is currently on hiatus due to COVID. He has continued to learn through these endeavors, and he relishes consulting with the general managers of the companies and watching them grow.


Having worked through many investment types over the years, Gib became a franchise consultant because he likes helping people and he knows franchises, so he can expertly determine who qualifies for various franchises and identify the most compatible franchise to help both the client and franchise to get ahead.


Gib’s passion and background are a launching pad toward Your success, and he positions You, as a client, to actualize Your dreams. Gib has lived the same circumstances as most of his clients, so he knows what is at stake and how to navigate toward success.


Everyone has different goals, and they vary from more time with their family to more money, from early retirement to just plain freedom from someone looking over their shoulder. Helping people qualify for franchises is exciting and enjoyable work for Gib. If you qualify to work with Gib, he will do everything possible to prime you to reach the next level, and he will work with you to help you succeed.


Schedule a call with Gib. He knows how to make things happen. More importantly, Gib believes everyone deserves a mentor.


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