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Vantage Point Franchises and More provides unrivaled franchise consulting services that usher in unprecedented growth!

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As an industry leader, Vantage Point Franchises and More looks for opportunities in the world of franchises, real estate consortiums, and elsewhere. Finding the right franchise for a client is my goal in life, one client at a time. More importantly, I have accomplished this with clients time and time again. I truly want to help and equip you with the tools you need to realize your goals no matter what they are. A master franchise can lead to great financial success. The right franchise can lead to an extremely comfortable living with time to live the dream of being part of your children’s life. Simply put, let me know where you want to be, and I will get you there. Read more about my franchising services to learn exactly how I can help you live your dreams!


I match people's dreams of having a franchise with the reality of which sort of franchisee they can become and what franchises they qualify for.

However, that does not mean you have to compromise. I get to know each client and their individual goals to understand what you are looking for as a potential franchisee, and I go to great lengths to match you to a franchise that makes sense for you and your ambitions. With a clear understanding of franchisor requirements, I qualify the potential franchisees to put them on the fast track. Opportunities have never been so abundant. There is incalculable availability in the franchise market right now. Tell me where you want to go, and I will do everything possible to guide you there.


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