Franchising is a great way to open your own business as you have the name recognition that comes with a large brand and the brand’s secret sauce, their way of attracting customers and their methods of follow through and follow-up. That will get you started on the right foot toward your success. But, how do you get to a franchise that is a good fit for you? The right fit?

With help from Vantage Point Franchises and More, you get expert advice from a franchise consultant, who can set you up with tools for success now and into the future and do all the work that should get you to a good franchise for you. Read more to find out how you can benefit from working with the right consultant.

About us

Vantage Point Franchises and More was founded by me, Gib Stewart. You’ll find that you’re going to meet with many consultants who will share nothing but their successes. Their stories are meant to inspire you and believe in their methods. I’m willing to share with you the failures that I have dealt with in the past so you can see that I’ve not only been in the pits, but I also show you what I figured out and how to build great futures for myself, my children, and for many of the people who have believed in me or followed my lead.

My experience working with franchises over the years has provided me with a wealth of knowledge that I’m ready to share with you as you get started or grow or start a second income or invest so your grandkids have a legacy. I want you to use my experience as your launching pad to succeed and achieve your professional dreams.


Identifying the right franchise for you is as important as running the business itself. We’ll help you research franchise opportunities to find those that fit your personality, goals, and qualifications. Keep in mind that while you might be limited in your ability to find a franchise opportunity, you don’t have to compromise. You can find a franchise that fits the kind of business you want to run while meeting the necessary requirements to buy in.

Part of finding a proper franchise includes a significant amount of footwork. I always recommend that you call at least five franchisees and ask questions about their business. I can supply you with a list of questions to help you get started. After you’ve done your due diligence in researching the profitability of the franchise and how a specific franchisor will help you achieve your goals, consult an attorney and accountant. If you don’t have an attorney or accountant yet, make sure you work with professionals who have a background in working with franchises.

Why choose us?

There are more franchise opportunities out there than you can wrap your head around, so there’s no reason you should feel limited in your ability to find something that works for you. I have a clear understanding of franchisor requirements and can help you work through a variety of obstacles that might be in your way before you’re truly ready to own a franchise.

I have many years working with investment opportunities and can help you find what’s right for you. My experience working with investors and franchisors gives me the ability to understand what’s at stake for you with your investment, so I can help you navigate a decision as large as becoming a part of a large franchise family.

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